The wood processing industry, like other industries, is dependent on skilled, professional and well-prepared workforce. A significant area of activities of the NATIONAL WOOD  PROCESING CLUSTERare therefore also activities and projects that improve and develop the teaching of woodworking and construction study fields at all levels - from apprenticeship fields to higher education programs. Key activities to help halt the unfavourable trend in education in this industry include broadening the practical knowledge of students and pupils through interactive workshops, seminars, professional practices, excursions and internships in companies. Another area is the development of professional education and the strengthening of the professional competencies of teaching staff in teaching by acquiring information on new materials, technologies and equipment. For this reason, development and professional centres and practice centres of NDK have been established at three secondary schools in Ostrava, Hranice and Bystřice pod Hostýnem.

Development and expert centres are equipped with modification and woodworking equipment and software for designing buildings, interiors and furniture, including calculating costs, material consumption, and generation of production processes with optimization of slicing plans. The development and expert centres are designed for practical demonstrations, developmental activities and the transfer of knowledge gained from research to practice in the field of bonded joints, wooden constructions, sawmill technologies, building joinery and wood samples testing.

The practice centres are equipped with modern woodworking tools and materials for practical teaching. They are focused on the development of pupils' professional qualifications, their skills and their ability to act independently to meet the needs of the job seekers as much as possible. The main aim of the practice centres is to extend and improve the practical teaching with emphasis on the needs of woodworking companies in the region.

The practice centres are also used for activities increasing the popularity of woodworking and building industries in elementary school pupils.


Specialized centres and practice centres of the NATIONAL WOOD PROCESING CLUSTER:

• Secondary School of Construction and Woodworking fields in Ostrava

• Secondary Industrial School in Hranice

• Secondary School of Furniture making and Business in Bystřice pod Hostýnem