National Wood Processing Cluster, registered association (formerly known as Moravian Silesian Wood Processing Cluster, incorporated association) originated as one of the first cluster initiatives in the Czech Republic based on the outcome of the project - search study, whose guarantor and bearer was the Association for the Development of the Moravian-Silesian Region. By mapping cluster potential of the region, and after thorough analysis, the woodworking industry was seen as one of the key factors of competitiveness of the Moravian-Silesian region.

Membership is made up of private enterprises, representatives of secondary and higher education institutions and others institutions whose common denominator is business or activity closely associated with the woodworking industry, construction and related or other subsequent fields. Together these members cover the entire value chain of the woodworking industry from growing wood and its wood mining, post processing and production of high added-value products to services from the area of support, development of cooperation and education.

Members actively work together to implement joint projects in the areas of research, development, innovation, education and promotion. The main objective is to innovate and further develop the wood cluster activities that improve the conditions for doing business in the woodworking industry.

The cluster is a link between companies and other institutions which is economically beneficial to all of them. The National Wood Processing Cluster offers its members the realization of activities that they would not be able to realize themselves. Some of these are research, educational and promotional activities. These activities are implemented with the help of projects funded by the Structural Funds (OP PP, OP PI, OP PIK, OP EC, OP LZZ, OP Z, the International Cooperation - Leonardo da Vinci and others).  Higher education plays a key role in most projects, making it possible to achieve innovations that bring competitiveness to companies and lead to higher profits.



Create and develop a functional cluster of woodworking companies, their subcontractors and service providers that will help improve the conditions for doing business in the woodworking and construction industries and strengthen links between research, universities and the business community. Become one of the leading bodies of meaningful cooperation in the development of construction in the Czech Republic and promote wood as an ecological material in the construction industry.



  • support the expansion of existing cluster members, their business, and grants
  • participate in the research and development of innovation in the field of wood materials, structures and timber structures
  • analyse new trends, production processes and promote innovation and new technologies
  • support the development of human resources, and to increase their qualification
  • popularize woodworking and construction study fields
  • strengthen international cooperation, find new opportunities and partners for international expansion