The project of the Research and Innovation Centre was motivated by a long-term research and monitoring of an experimental timber structure mainly with respect to the behaviour of the construction and its internal environment. Another incentive was a research into decreasing energy demands of the building using modern operation systems. The project was established thanks to a considerable support of the VŠB–TUO, Faculty of Civil Engineering, members of the cluster and other partners.

The cluster is the main actor within the project. This project resulted in a modern timber-structure in a passive energy standard and with a set of the most commonly used sources of heating. It provides an option to monitor the temperature and dampness behaviour of the structure and its internal environment and it also allows to observe the settlement under the foundations and other data outputs. All installed sources of heating, cooling and lighting are controlled with an intelligent system which was installed in the house with the purpose to identify an optimal internal comfort. The structure has a size of a family home; mainly teachers and students use it to test and verify physical quantities and parameters inside the structure and inside the internal environment of its rooms. The structure is located in the premises of the VŠB – TUO, Faculty of Civil Engineering. The total cost of the investment is approximately CZK 8.339.000.



  • Long-term monitoring of physical quantities of structures environment.
  • Practical tuition for VŠB students of TZB (Technical aspects of buildings) and MaR (Measuring and regulation) and smart electro-installations.
  • Organising seminars and training sessions according to the needs of the cluster.


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